• Prototype development

    Prototype development

  • Complex Database Analysis and Research

    Complex Database Analysis and Research

Track and Trace Systems

Track and Trace Systems

Barcode-based track and trace systems for manufacturing, customer service and other applications. Web-based systems include production, warehouse and document management. Installed on your own private cloud (we'll set it up for you!) or in-house server.

For more info see: http://www.hwconline.net

Browser interfaces are compatible with all browsers (including mobile devices).
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Smart sensors

Smart sensors

Research and product development for smart sensors. Final products will be web-enabled RTU (remote terminal units) with configurable sensors.
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Analytic database processing

Analytic database processing

Research and development into the integration of cloud-based databases with large-scale track-and-trace applications. The databases integrate data both from traditional barcode-based applications and remote RTU sensors to provide a real-time view of processes.
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Prototype Development

Prototype Development

HWCLabs can take your idea and produce a proof-of-concept prototype. Prototypes are a necessity for attracting investors and customers. The working prototype enhances your presentation for crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Rapid prototyping and lean methodologies assure rapid implementations at a reasonable cost. Prototypes are developed with flexible design to allow for iterations based on customer, investor and designer feedback.
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Prototype development.

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HWCLabs Research Awards – 2017 Recipients

HWCLabs is pleased to announce the recipients of two research/creative activity awards for graduate students at Eastern Illinois University. These annual awards, sponsored by HWCLabs, are given to graduate students who undertake research studies related to or using technology.

This year’s recipients are Beluchukwu Ebede and Ashleigh Cable.

Beluchukwu Ebede is a Masters Candidate in Technology and his research project was “Deep Network Analysis for Security Using WireShark“.

Ashleigh Cable is a Masters Candidate in Biological Sciences  and here research project was “Quantifying Roosting Ecology of Little Brown Bats (Myotis lucifugus) and Tri-colored bats (Perimyotis subflavus) on Multiple Scales in Fragmented Illinois“.

Congratulations to both of these recipients!

Prototype and proof of concept development

HWCLabs can take your idea and produce a proof of concept prototype. Prototypes are a necessity to attract investors or to demonstrate your idea for crowd funding. HWCLabs is uniquely qualified to address all phases of development:

  • Application architecture and design
  • Database design and implementation
  • Web and cloud integration
  • Device design and programming – sensors, controllers, electronic devices
  • Custom programming – Java, Linux, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Android, Arduino

Rapid prototyping techniques and lean methodologies assure quick implementations at a reasonable cost. Prototypes are developed with flexible design to allow for iterations based on customer and designer feedback.

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Smart sensor development

HWCLabs has developed working prototypes of of uplink devices to allow sensor readings to be transmitted to cloud databases. Multiple site/device/sensor configurations are supported. The sensor readings are then available to web applications, Android applications and can be integrated into track-and-trace systems.

These devices are easily deployed and designed to provide standards-based interfaces for straightforward integration. Java API’s have been developed to provide enhanced developer support.